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Why is it called CASper?

When CASper first began it was the beginning of the computers in the sign industry which led to the acronym “CAS” or “Computer Aided Signage”. We wanted our software to be the friendly version of this new software, so we adopted the name of a particularly amicable ghost. But unlike our namesake, we won’t disappear on you. Our software comes with unlimited support to make sure CASper becomes a part of your business, not just a software.

How much does CASper cost?

CASper works on two levels, an initial set-up fee, and a monthly per-user cost. The set-up fee includes converting all your data and contacts into CASper and full training from our techs in how to use the program. The monthly fee ensures unlimited support as well as any additional training you may need. Unlike some of our other competitors, when CASper comes out with updates or new features, there is no additional cost to you. They are yours, included, so long as you use our software.

Can CASper come to our site to train?

Absolutely, though it is an additional fee to account for travel and accommodations. If incurring an additional expense isn’t something you’re interested in doing, don’t worry! With the initial set-up fee from CASper you are offered unlimited virtual training with one of our trainers. Additionally, with the monthly fee, you also have unlimited support and additional training should anyone new join your staff.

Can CASper convert our history?

While CASper can convert your current data, such as vendors, inventory, WIPs, etc. into CASper, we unfortunately do not convert histories.

Is CASper right for our size business?

CASper can be the right size for any business. The great thing about CASper is how it is completely customizable. You can make it as simple, or as detailed as you need it for your individual shop. Having the ability to pay per user also allows you to keep CASper in line with the needs for your business.

Does CASper have full accounting?

No, CASper does not offer full accounting. However we do integrate fully to QuickBooks and work with a multitude of other accounting systems. We chose to operate in this way for two reasons, 1. It allows us to keep our price down, making us more accessible to shops of all sizes and 2. There is no need for your accountants to learn a whole new process. They can continue with the system they have been using, but we make it easy for that system to integrate with CASper.

Does CASper have inventory?

You betcha! We have full inventory control that fully integrates with Purchase Orders and Job Costing. You can see what is available, in process or what you need to order in a click. We also offer multiple warehouses (which includes trucks) and serviceable parts linked to customer and/or location.

Can I use CASper in the field?

Yes! We were one of the first Sign Business Software Solutions to move to a cloud-based interface. This means that you can use CASper anywhere, anytime. We are compatible with most PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

How many users can I have with CASper?

As many as you need or want! Are you a small shop and only need one user? We can do that. Are you quite a bit larger and need 99+ users? We can also do that. The cost is $40/user/mo. Keep in mind you might not need a “user” for every employee. User refers to how many people can be on the cloud at one time.

Does CASper offer a free-trial version?

We do offer a demo-version for potential clients to play around with, but we like to have the client first have a demo with a trainer. CASper is a completely customizable software, and we want you to have a basic overview first, so that you can focus on the areas which most interest you and your company.

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